About the Rosetta Journal

The Rosetta Journal was founded in 2006 to provide a platform for postgraduates at the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity to get their first academic articles published in a peer-reviewed journal.

From this original goal Rosetta journal has expanded to accept papers from postgraduates and academics from other universities, as well as publishing the proceedings of conferences such as AMPAL. Despite this expansion, Rosetta Journal maintains close links with its home department at the University of Birmingham, with its editorial board and many of its specialist editors drawn from the postgraduates of the department. This is also evident in the variety of the disciplines published in Rosetta's issues which, despite changes to the department, continue to reflect the range of research in the Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity when the journal was founded.

Today the Rosetta Journal continues to publish articles from postgraduates and professionals from a wide variety of historical and archaeological disciplines.